Boreham Wood on a cold raw January day to watch a 0-0 draw, need I say anymore to those Moors fans that made the trip last Season? The club have just signed a 10 year deal with Arsenal whose Juniors & Ladies teams play there, so expect to see some Stadium developments in the near future. Segregation should not be in operation for a visit by the Moors. The 2 open end terraces tend to house the majority of the fans though there are plenty of seats in the stands that run the length of the sides, and can be accessed at no extra cost. The clubhouse welcomed Moors Fans and the town centre is only a short walk away where you can find a number of pubs and food outlets. Apparently one of the pubs has an upstairs Terrace where you can view part of the East Enders set, which is filmed locally. Make a point of finding time before or after the game to walk through the park next to the ground, it has a Musical Arch which plays several tunes and encourages you to dance! Though one Moors fan that shall remain nameless, but has a liking of bread based products made the Arch fart as he walked through it!