The famous grounds for us to visit just keep on coming, so with the “O’s” surviving a close administration shave The Moors get to play at Brisbane Road. We can hopefully look forward to copious amounts of donuts & ice cream being on offer as the new man in charge is the owner of The Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robins chains. The stadium has undergone a fair bit of development in the recent past, funded mainly by selling off the corners of the ground for office buildings so the ground has an unusual appearance to it. Away fans will be segregated, generally in a section of the Main stand. The small supporters club does welcome away fans at £1 entry, but is popular as it is CAMRA listed. There are a number of other well regarded pubs close to the ground near Leyton Station. The usual food is on offer inside the ground and a number of the local pubs also do food.

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